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Student Artist of the Month

Oscar Joyo

Senior @ Clay High School

By Jennifer Talvensaari

Congratulations to Oscar Joyo! He is our first STUDENT ARTIST OF THE MONTH for the South Bend Museum of Art. He will receive a gift certificate to attend any of the SBMA’s studio art classes valued at $150. It’s wonderful to see quality talent in our youth. Keep up the  Oscar!

Click RIGHT-CLICK HERE to fill out a nomination form for your student!

“Oscar is dedicated to being an artist. He draws all the time and knows the results of practice and dedication. He is always looking for new challenges and inspirations….searching out new materials and techniques as well as looking at artwork in books, online, and at museums. He enters contests and competitions, was an apprentice at the Snite Museum and is a Scholastic Gold Key winner. He is planning on going to school for art and has every intention of becoming a career artist. Oscar is also friendly, respectful, generous and gets along with everyone (really).  Yay Oscar!”

-Bruna Wynn

Clay High School


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