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Meet an SBMA Art Instructor!

Featured this Month: Gundega Penikis

By: Jennifer Talvensaari

Gundega is a true gem.

One of the nicest and most genuine people I have ever had the opportunity to talk to and interact with. Gundega is a ceramics instructor here at SBMA and she LOVES her job, as you will find out!

If I walked into your art classroom, what should I expect to see?

Well…Ceramics! It is a very big room; lots of space. There are many large tables for my students to spread out and work on as well as numerous potter’s wheels. It’s a beautiful and well-equipped studio space.

Learn more HERE…..


Meet David Lester Learn!

This weeks featured post is a question and answer segment with SBMA’s very own art instructor David Lester Learn. Trust us…you want to check this out!

Check out the interview here under the “For Artists & Students” page!

Check out Amy Keenan Amago’s New Art Lesson!

Be sure to check out Amy’s new lesson for art teachers titled Ex-Techy, Insecty, ReCreatures. It’s a great way to integrate science and art and it makes wonderful use of old machine parts, deconstructed electronics, and other found objects.

Check it out here!

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