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The Art of Play

By: Sandra Chappell
It has been an exciting week for parents in South Bend!  Dr. John Medina, author of Brain Rules for Babies, presented a wonderful talk on Wednesday night at the Century Center.  In addition to being informative and offering practical advice, Dr. Medina delighted parents with his wit, insight and scientific knowledge.
In keeping with Dr. Medina’s presentation, we bring you this week’s article, “The Art of Play” by Early Childhood Education expert Sandra Chappell.  You’ll be sure to find some wonderful ideas on how to engage your child in creative and brain-boosting fun!

New Art Lesson from Cheryl Ricks!

Dry Erase Board Fun!

by: Cheryl Ricks

Don’t be afraid of giving your child a dry erase board! There are washable dry erase markers and crayons available!

Kids will love to create pictures, play tic-tac-toe. Older kids can play hang man! My 3 year old loves to sit at the table and draw pictures (the attached picture is a picture of his “Frosty the Snowman” drawing).


Teacher Night at the Snite!

Teacher Night @ the Snite

by: Sarah Martin

Head to the Snite Museum of Art after school to relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with colleagues, art, and your creativity!  The first Teacher Night @ the Snite is this Thursday, April 14 from4-6pm. 


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