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What’s Fun, Creative and Green All Over?

The kids still may rush through the applying of color or building part of this project, but after the project is done and the paint put away, you’ll still have many fun days of anticipation together. Happy Creating!

What you need:
• Wheat berry seeds
• Spoon for dirt or digging
• Container: Potato, Garden Pot, or Old shoe
• Paint or markers to decorate container
• Googly eyes or cloves for eyes
• Tooth picks for potato legs

• Purchase seeds from health food store and soak overnight.
• Add more water to seeds and cover with newspaper, visit for more growing tricks.
• Select container: Potato, Garden Pot or Old Shoe.
• For potato, use spoon to dig out meat of potato to make room for grass to grow and decorate a face and legs using cloves, toothpicks and /or pipe cleaners.
• For garden pot, decorate with a fun face or colors that will help emphasize the green grass as it grows.
• For old shoe, clean and prepare for decoration. Place small plastic container in the heel for soil.
• Once seeds have sprouted, and container is decorated, add soil and sprouted seeds.
• Watch your homemade Chia pet grow within days!


Be sure to soak and prep your seeds for the best growing. Also talk about color and color mixing if you chose the garden pot. Have fun with this project and enjoy the many phases as you watch your art grow. For more activities and art resources visit and become a subscriber to our Learn More Blog.


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