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Do You Know a Young Artist Who Deserves Recognition?

Oscar Joyo, one of our 2010-11 Young Artists, with his artwork

Every winter, when SBMA hosts the Scholastic Art exhibit showcasing the artwork of local 7th – 12th graders, we are blown away by the artistic talent that is developing right here in our own backyards.  As we contemplate the art they create, we continuously find ourselves asking, “Who exactly are these young people, and where do they find their inspiration? What is it in their young lives that shapes their artistic philosophy?”

We believe it’s time to get to know these amazing young artists a little better; to honor and thank them, and to do our part to make sure they can continue to grow in their creativity.  We have therefore committed to carving out space every month right here on our blog to feature a young artist and his/her work.  In addition, SBMA will award featured students with a free studio art class here at the Museum.

Teachers, we know that as the mentors and guides for these young artists, you can help lead us to these talented young people.  We ask that as you watch them work and grow this year, you bring them to our attention.  The form provided here can be downloaded and used at any time to nominate an artist that you think is deserving.  There is no deadline for submission – we will accept nominations on a rolling basis. Thanks for doing your part to unveil these hidden gems in our community!

Young Artist Nomination Form


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