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Teaching with a “Full Deck”

"Full Deck" in SBMA's Warner Gallery

For those of you just joining us, here at SBMA we’re all ramped up about Full Deck: A Short History of Skate Art, which opened in our Warner Gallery two weeks ago.  This electrifying exhibit of skateboard art is especially appealing to children and young artists, and we would love to host any school or other groups who would like to see it.

There are many ways in which a viewing “Full Deck” can serve as a platform for learning and meeting curricular standards in nearly all subject areas.   This week we would like to offer an engaging science lesson plan that focuses on the physics of skateboarding and would make a fantastic follow-up to a “Full Deck” field trip, hint hint.

If there’s one thing that a skateboard will help you remember (four times over), it’s that the wheel is a beautiful thing. Therefore, we’re not even going to try to reinvent it.  Instead, we offer you this link from “Teach Engineering,” an outreach of the University of Colorado at Boulder.  Entitled “Skateboard Disaster,” it promises to be a great success among the middle school crowd. Enjoy!


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