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Festival of Banners 2012

Enter the Festival of Banners and share your artwork with the community!

Whenever there’s an email in your inbox from Candie Waterloo, (aka Miss Candie, one of our beloved youth instructors), the mastermind behind so many of our brilliant family, youth and community art projects, you know there’s something fun in the works.  The latest message she sent out was no exception: time for Festival of Banners 2012!

A joint program we present in association with Downtown South Bend Inc. and the City of South Bend, the Festival of Banners project is one of  many programs SBMA shares with the community to celebrate the visual arts in Northern Indiana.  The event embraces art from all ages and backgrounds, giving everyone in the community an opportunity to be a part of the celebration.  And, of course, for those of us who can only dream of seeing our artwork on display in a museum gallery, being able to drive or walk through downtown South Bend and see a banner you designed and painted yourself hanging for all to see is quite a thrill!





Happy Valentine’s Day from SBMA!

From our permanent collection, "The Love Letter" by Luigi Gregori

Love is in the air and on the walls of our galleries at SBMA!  We’d like to share that love with you today on our blog with some of our loveliest works and to remind you that a date at SBMA is a sure way to add romance to that special relationship in your life! To LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR VALENTINE ART, CLICK HERE.

No Bones About It – Family Day was FUN

Family Day artists at work!

We’re willing to bet that for the families who attended our Family Day last Sunday, the big football game on t.v. that night was pretty anti-climatic.  How could anything be more exciting than disguising yourself as a dinosaur or digging for dinosaur bones?

You’ll see for yourself in this slideshow of our little guests in action that we had a great turnout and that fun was anything but extinct in our studio.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you missed Family Day this time, have no fear.  We’ll do another one on Sunday, March 4 from 1-3 pm.  You can also still learn how to make our dinosaur masks and try them at home.  Just CLICK HERE to LEARN MORE about our DINOSAUR MASK PROJECT.

February Family Day

For about six weeks now, Adrian Hatfield’s King of the Impossible exhibit has been on display in our Art League Gallery.  It’s an incredibly intriguing collection of artwork which, in the words of Hatfield, “examines the modes of visual communication developed within religion, science and fine art and the role they play in humanity’s attempt to understand itself and its place in the universe.”  Take this piece, entitled “KT and The Second Coming”:

KT and The Second ComingImage credits: detail, KT and the Second Coming, mixed media, 70”x60”x36” 2010

Our adult audiences might spend a few minutes gazing upon this piece, questioning the meaning of humanity and its place in the universe, but we are pretty sure we know what our younger visitors see: DINOSAURS.

So this weekend, as we prepare to host our Family Day event, we are not going to overthink it.  We’re going to  leave the “meaning of humanity” to the grown-ups and take on Adrian Hatfield through the eyes of a child—by making dinosaur art.  Come by and bring the family as our veteran youth instructor, Miss Candie, leads a project of prehistoric proportions.


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