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Make your own art table

Quick and Easy Art Table

by Cheryl Ricks

A great idea for every home, this amazing art table was designed by mom and local graphic designer, Cheryl Ricks.  Designating a space in your house for art keeps you organized and makes a great “discovery” station for your kids!

What you need:

• A coffee table (old or new)

• Chalkboard paint

• Dowel rod and hardware to hold the rod on (curtain rod hardware was used in the table pictured)

• Roll of paper

• Plastic containers to hold art supplies

• Long, narrow wood board to attach the containers to (see picture)

• 2 wood spacers to raise the long, narrow board up off the table so the paper can slide underneath it (see picture)

• Art supplies: chalk. crayons, markers, watercolors, popsicle sticks, stickers, stamps, playdoh/clay, glue, pipe cleaners. etc.


  • Sand the top of the table.
  • Paint the top with chalkboard paint.
  • Attach the hardware at one end for the doll rod and paper roll.
  • Nail the long narrow wood board with the spacers at each end of it to the opposite side of the table than the paper roll.
  • Nail, screw or super glue the plastic containers to the long narrow wood board so they can’t fall off the table easily. This is a great place to store some of the art supplies. Other supplies can be stored in containers underneath.


Michaels sells great paper rolls. You can get plain white and you can also get some that have activities and coloring pages on the roll. My 3-year-old son and I use this table all the time for art projects. Everything that is on the table is appropriate for his age, so he has full reign to use his creativity to the fullest!


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