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We’d love to be your stepping stone

Michiana artist, Mary Firtl, began her brilliant career as a youth art student at SBMA.

As the young students in our youth classes fill our studios this summer, we can’t help but wonder where art will take them.  It is our sincere hope that all of them will discover an inner excitement and creativity that will bring them confidence and joy, no matter what they go on to do.  But perhaps there are a few children here this summer who are embarking on a lifelong journey in the fine arts, and will someday look back upon SBMA as the foundation of their passion and success.

This is the story of local artist, Mary Firtl.  A Michiana native, Mary first came to SBMA – known as the “Art Center” back then – when she was five years old, and now her artwork is for sale in our Dot Shop.  We are  proud to have been a constant companion and support network for Mary throughout the years and to be a place that she can call home.  To LEARN MORE ABOUT MARY FIRTL and A LIFELONG CONNECTION to SBMA, CLICK HERE.


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