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We’d love to be your stepping stone

Michiana artist, Mary Firtl, began her brilliant career as a youth art student at SBMA.

As the young students in our youth classes fill our studios this summer, we can’t help but wonder where art will take them.  It is our sincere hope that all of them will discover an inner excitement and creativity that will bring them confidence and joy, no matter what they go on to do.  But perhaps there are a few children here this summer who are embarking on a lifelong journey in the fine arts, and will someday look back upon SBMA as the foundation of their passion and success.

This is the story of local artist, Mary Firtl.  A Michiana native, Mary first came to SBMA – known as the “Art Center” back then – when she was five years old, and now her artwork is for sale in our Dot Shop.  We are  proud to have been a constant companion and support network for Mary throughout the years and to be a place that she can call home.  To LEARN MORE ABOUT MARY FIRTL and A LIFELONG CONNECTION to SBMA, CLICK HERE.


Why You Should Meet Us on the Island

Here at SBMA, we pride ourselves on lots of things. From our quality exhibitions to our excellent educational programs to our stellar staff, we have a lot to be proud of. Did we mention our ability to throw a rocking summer party? On Friday June 29th, we invite you to join us at one of our signature summer events, “Meet Me on the Island”. In collaboration with WVPE, we are pleased to present you an ART-ful evening filled with live music, cool drinks, and local art and artists along a beautiful river front location. Still undecided? Keep reading as we share with you our top reasons why you should “Meet Us on the Island” June 29th.

Reaping what we sow at SBMA

Jewelry by metal smith Stefanie Buysse, who will teach one of SBMA’s summer courses this year.

Sometimes we at SBMA feel like proud momma birds as we watch our studio art students develop the talents and passions that allow them to take flight as our local, gifted artists.  We offer our students the resources, time and space to learn an art form, and in no time at all they are inspiring us with their artwork, or in the case of Stefanie Buysse, returning to us as faculty members leading their own studio art classes.

This summer, Stefanie will be teaching our “Explore Precious Metal Clay with Metal Smithing – Beginner” class, which is  designed to teach students the basics of both PMC and metal smith techniques.  To LEARN MORE ABOUT STEFANIE and how SBMA NURTURES ARTISTS, CLICK HERE.

Young Artist of the Month: Lexi Brock

Penn High School 12th grader and Scholastic Gold Key recipient, Lexi Brock

“Lexi is extremely creative and inventive on all her projects, always excited to learn new techniques and take them the extra mile to carry her artwork to fruition,” says Barbara Miller, an art teacher at Penn High School whom we thank for getting Lexi Brock onto our radar.  A recipient of multiple Gold Key awards in the Scholastic Art competitions, this 12th grade student demonstrates excellence and enthusiasm in creating original works of art and contributing to the arts community.

One of Lexi Brock's acyrlic paintings entitled "Twisted Reality." She first drew in dry pastel and then reinterpreted into a painting using Van Gogh as an inspiration and influence.

We join Penn High School in celebrating Lexi’s achievements, and look forward to a day when her artwork hangs again in our SBMA galleries!


Do You Know a Young Artist Who Deserves Recognition?

Oscar Joyo, one of our 2010-11 Young Artists, with his artwork

Every winter, when SBMA hosts the Scholastic Art exhibit showcasing the artwork of local 7th – 12th graders, we are blown away by the artistic talent that is developing right here in our own backyards.  As we contemplate the art they create, we continuously find ourselves asking, “Who exactly are these young people, and where do they find their inspiration? What is it in their young lives that shapes their artistic philosophy?”

We believe it’s time to get to know these amazing young artists a little better; to honor and thank them, and to do our part to make sure they can continue to grow in their creativity.  We have therefore committed to carving out space every month right here on our blog to feature a young artist and his/her work.  In addition, SBMA will award featured students with a free studio art class here at the Museum.

Teachers, we know that as the mentors and guides for these young artists, you can help lead us to these talented young people.  We ask that as you watch them work and grow this year, you bring them to our attention.  The form provided here can be downloaded and used at any time to nominate an artist that you think is deserving.  There is no deadline for submission – we will accept nominations on a rolling basis. Thanks for doing your part to unveil these hidden gems in our community!

Young Artist Nomination Form

Meet Our Featured Staff Instructor for July!

Janet Leazenby

By: Jennifer Talvensaari

If I walked into your Art classroom, what should I expect to see?

People working in clay, tools in buckets, and mud up to your elbows!!


Ian Weaver’s Artist’s Statement


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