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Easy Breezy Summer Art How-To’s

The beach offers the perfect backdrop for the beautiful nature prints seen here. The best part of this project is that it requires few supplies and even less supervision. In fact, three of the four necessary materials are either already at the beach or in your beach bag. You will have to purchase a specialty nature print paper on your way to the shore, but this paper is affordable and easy to find at any major arts and crafts store. And while every pack comes with easy-to-follow instructions, we’ve outlined the basics here for you.


  • Nature print paper
  • Interestingly-shaped objects (beach toys, sea shells, drift wood are great for this!)
  • Sun
  • Water
  • Sand pail (filled with water)

1. Gather interestingly-shaped objects from around the beach. Sand toys, sea shells, and driftwood are all excellent choices.

2. Arrange your objects on top of a piece of nature print paper. You want to be careful with this step by trying to keep the paper out of the sun as much as possible.

3. Expose the paper, objects and all, to the sun for about 1 to 2 minutes. During this step, you need to keep a watchful eye on your paper and notice how it turns from blue to an almost pale white. When your paper has faded, hurry to get it out of the sun.

4. Quickly sink your paper into a bath of water. A sand pail works great for this part.

5. After a minute, remove the paper from the water, and voila, you’re finished! As your paper dries, the blue hue becomes more intense and the edges of your shapes get sharper.

Not only is this process environmentally friendly and non-toxic, but when framed, these prints make a stunning addition to your home décor. And since one pack of nature print paper comes with 30 sheets, this activity is sure to keep your little ones busy for quite a while!

Still not convinced? Click here to learn about an even more colorful beach-inspired project!


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This looks like a lot of fun! Thanks!

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