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F.O.B. is a family affair

Maddie and Cameron Kanczuzewski are two of this year’s Festival of Banners artists, along with their mom, Cindy.

When you hear Cindy Kanczuzewski talk about her philosophy on art and creativity, you can’t be surprised that her children, Maddie and Cameron, are repeated Festival of Banners artists.  Cindy homeschools the two, and has raised them and taught them to be great advocates of the arts.  “Art is our family’s most favorite thing!” Cindy proclaims.

In 2011, Maddie and Cameron both painted banners under the theme “beyond the surFACE” which dealt with inner beauty. Cameron actually won an individual award placing 2ndoverall in the YOUTH category. This year, in keeping with the “Pop on Parade” theme, Cindy’s piece is called “Happy Days Are Here Again – Pop Pete” and features South Bend Mayor, Pete Buttigieg.  Cindy wanted to create a work of art with a real South Bend connection, so for her, Mayor Buttigieg was an obvious choice as he represents a very “popular” figure in our community.

Mayor pop!

Maddie has a large Barbie collection that she used to inspire her art. Cameron loves video games, and he thinks Mario is the best character – ever!  His design features a Mario hoisting a “Wii” remote in the air like the Statue of Liberty’s torch.

Cameron’s banner design

Cindy credits her family as being avid photographers as well, and one thing they look forward to the most is seeing their designs on view in Downtown South Bend. She said she takes pictures of the banners, as well as the kids posed with their work, and immediately uploads them to Facebook. She recalls having friends in Australia, Europe, and across the United States who see the photos on her Facebook page and are just blown away that we do such an “incredible” thing at the museum.  “They just can’t believe how cool it is,” she shares.  She also looks forward to her neighbor’s reactions to the art, as once the festival is over, she displays the banners in her home garden.

Maddie’s banner features Barbie dolls.

For now, however, the Kanczuzewski’s will be busy in our studios, transforming their original designs into spectacular banners.  We’ll give them a little time to get started and will check back in with them right here on the blog in a few weeks.  Stay tuned!


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