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Behind the Scenes of Scholastics

Winning Scholastics artwork is set to be displayed in our Warner Gallery.

“I feel honored to be chosen again this year to jury such an important exhibition.  The student work in the ceramics and jewlery categories were well crafted, conceptual, and most notably, works had a refreshing voice this year.  As a former scholastics award winner many years ago, I realize the importance of this exhibition to many emerging artists.  I hope this region continues to support the scholastic arts awards and knows of its value to the students and community.”
Brooke Marks-Swanson, Scholastics Juror 

As our staff prepares to hang the student artwork for the Scholastics exhibit, we know that in comparison with the jurors we have the easy job.  Given the scope of talent that comes in each year, cutting the pool down to 450 selections is more challenging than it sounds.

Seasoned Scholastics volunteer Jackie Welsh explained that on the day the jurors meet, all of the Scholastics submissions are separated by categories and each entry is reviewed by three jurors who vote green – “yes” – or red “no.”  After this initial review, artwork is then designated with a Gold Key – the highest honor, a Silver Key, or Honorable Mention.  Gold Key creations will be judged again in March to determine which of them will go on to the national competition in New York City in the late spring.

For now, we cherish the fact that we are the keepers of this brilliant display of up-and- coming talent, and we hope you’ll come out and enjoy it for yourselves.

To learn more about Scholastics Art and Writing Awards, click here.


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