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Kathy Fodness: A First Place Artist

Kathy Fodness proudly displays the handcrafted stoneware goblets she created for the first place winners of the 2012 Sunburst Races.

In just a few weeks, when the Sunburst Races take place here in South Bend, the male and female winners in all races will each be awarded one of the gorgeous handcrafted stoneware goblets shown in the photo above. Ceramic artist Kathy Fodness was commissioned by SBMA to execute the first place prizes, which have been fired to cone 10 and been through three firings.  24 karat gold has been applied to each medallion on the goblets on top of a Super T Glaze.  What’s more is that the goblets are actually food and liquid safe.  (Imagine how many electrolytes you could replenish drinking Gatorade out of those babies!)

Kathy Fodness’s previous ceramic work include tribal art that adorns the hotel rooms at the Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo, MI, and several of her pieces are available at the SBMA’s Dot Shop as well as Circa Arts Gallery in South Bend.

Every time Kathy drops in at SBMA to work in our studio or jumps on board to help us with an event, we realize how fortunate we are to take in not only the beauty of her artwork, but her gentle, upbeat disposition too. And it’s clear that for Kathy, her work and her spirit are deeply connected.  “The creative process is good for my mind, body, and soul,” she’s told us.  “Making pottery is relaxing yet stimulating, it’s a meaningful and rewarding way to focus one’s self, and almost everyone has the ability to learn it.”


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