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Lucky Irish Windsocks

Adding streamers and shamrock stamps transforms ordinary posterboard into a whimsical work of Irish art.

To make this windsock, you’ll need the following materials:

Poster paper

Streamers – any color you’d like

Scotch tape

Hole punch

Ribbon or string

Green paint

Shamrock cookie cutters or sponge cut into shamrock shapes

Elmer’s glue



1. Cut the posterboard into a rectangle approximately 16″ by 6″.  This will be the base of the windsock.

2. Cut streamers to desired length and tape to the bottom edge of the posterboard.  We like to use rainbow colors in a nod to our leprechaun friends.

3. Flip the posterboard over so that the streamers are hanging from the back.  Use the shamrock shapes – sponges or cookie cutters – and the green paint to decorate the posterboard with Irish awesomeness.

This lass demonstrates beautifully:

What is better than green paint and glitter?

You could even stamp your streamers for this charming look:

"When it comes to shamrocks, you can't overdo it!" - Seamus O'Finnegan

4. Use the glue and glitter for extra sparkle wherever you’d like.  Allow the paint and glue to dry.

5.  Bend the posterboard into a cylindrical shape and attach the ends with a stapler.

6.  Use a hole punch to make two holes near the top of the posterboard.  The holes should be opposite each other.

7.  Cut ribbon or string (green ribbon if you have it!) and thread it through the punched holes.  This will allow you to hang your windsock for all to see and admire. *

*Running fast while holding your windsock behind you is known to be just as fun as hanging it in the breeze.


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