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The best advertising ever


When we plan out the editorial calendar for this very blog, we find ourselves brainstorming ways to communicate to you, our readers, and anyone else who may come along, just how much we want to be a place you can appreciate and turn to for all things art-related.  We set up our schedule of postings and get to work fine tuning this message, hoping that it will be well delivered and well received.

Then, a guest contributor agrees to help us out and blows us out of the water.

We find ourselves thrilled and humbled by what our friend and long-time SBMA member, Karen Chambers, had to say when we asked her to share why she has been so committed to the programs and classes we offer.  Without further ado, we invite you to LEARN MORE ABOUT the VALUE of SBMA ART CLASSES by CLICKING HERE.

And, most importantly, thank you, Karen!


Reaping what we sow at SBMA

Jewelry by metal smith Stefanie Buysse, who will teach one of SBMA’s summer courses this year.

Sometimes we at SBMA feel like proud momma birds as we watch our studio art students develop the talents and passions that allow them to take flight as our local, gifted artists.  We offer our students the resources, time and space to learn an art form, and in no time at all they are inspiring us with their artwork, or in the case of Stefanie Buysse, returning to us as faculty members leading their own studio art classes.

This summer, Stefanie will be teaching our “Explore Precious Metal Clay with Metal Smithing – Beginner” class, which is  designed to teach students the basics of both PMC and metal smith techniques.  To LEARN MORE ABOUT STEFANIE and how SBMA NURTURES ARTISTS, CLICK HERE.

Beat Winter Blahs with ART!

We’ve come to the end of the first week of a new class session at SBMA, and we’ve found the creative juices flowing in our studies almost intoxicating.  Are you yearning for a winter escape?  A place where you can have fun, unwind, and yet grow at the same time?  Then tell your inner artist to wake up from her long winter’s nap and start creating – it is not too late to register.  The courses we have available promise opportunities for aspiring artists of all interests and ability levels.  Browse our class offerings here: Wntr12Classes and see which artsy itch of yours starts to tingle under those long underwear you’ve got on.  We’d love to see you in our studios!

What’s an SBMA class really like?  CLICK HERE to LEARN MORE about our STUDIO CLASS, LANDSCAPES in PASTELS.

Meet Our SBMA Staff Instructor of the Month!

Birgit Scott

 By: Jennifer Talvensaari


If I walked into your Art classroom, what should I expect to see?

We are fortunate to be able to hold our classes in the library where we sit in comfortable chairs around a large table. I bring the latest knitting magazines and a variety of knitting books to class besides yarns to use for practice and a supply of needles. I usually have knitted samples on hand to inspire students and I generally wear something I have designed and knitted myself.

 Tell us about your teaching experiences.

I am a foreign language teacher by profession- all levels from grade school through college and adult education. After I retired, I was thrilled to be able to teach my passion: knitting. I have given workshops at numerous knitting shops in several states, and have taught knitting classes at SBMA for about 10 years.


Fiona Found Her Passion – Find Yours Too!

Eight-year-old Fiona Hutchens found her passion at the South Bend Museum of Art.

“Mommy, I just love this!” Fiona’s mother, Erica Fischbach, recalls her saying after coming home from her first pottery class at SBMA.   “I want to do this all year next year!”

That’s why Erica was so happy to see the catalog of South Bend Museum of Art Summer Class offerings arrive in her mailbox, and to show Fiona that it is once again time to register for summer camps and classes.  “She couldn’t wait until summer,” Erica remembers.  It was her opportunity to feed her craving for the hands-on art making she has come to love.

Upon surveying this year’s options, Fiona decided to not only continue with pottery in “Youth Clay – Wheel and Handbuilding” with veteran SBMA instructor, Kari Black, but to try the “International Puppets and Fairy Tales” class too.  In this new class offering, students will learn about and create art and puppets from various cultures and fairy tales around the globe.

There’s still time to register for these and other youth summer classes at SBMA.  To learn more about our summer offerings, click here: SBMA Summer Youth

Meet an SBMA Art Instructor!

Featured this Month: Gundega Penikis

By: Jennifer Talvensaari

Gundega is a true gem.

One of the nicest and most genuine people I have ever had the opportunity to talk to and interact with. Gundega is a ceramics instructor here at SBMA and she LOVES her job, as you will find out!

If I walked into your art classroom, what should I expect to see?

Well…Ceramics! It is a very big room; lots of space. There are many large tables for my students to spread out and work on as well as numerous potter’s wheels. It’s a beautiful and well-equipped studio space.

Learn more HERE…..

Meet David Lester Learn!

This weeks featured post is a question and answer segment with SBMA’s very own art instructor David Lester Learn. Trust us…you want to check this out!

Check out the interview here under the “For Artists & Students” page!

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