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Why You Should Meet Us on the Island

Here at SBMA, we pride ourselves on lots of things. From our quality exhibitions to our excellent educational programs to our stellar staff, we have a lot to be proud of. Did we mention our ability to throw a rocking summer party? On Friday June 29th, we invite you to join us at one of our signature summer events, “Meet Me on the Island”. In collaboration with WVPE, we are pleased to present you an ART-ful evening filled with live music, cool drinks, and local art and artists along a beautiful river front location. Still undecided? Keep reading as we share with you our top reasons why you should “Meet Us on the Island” June 29th.


We Honor the Masters: Moms

Emil Jacques’ “A Mother’s Care,” a painting in our permanent collection at SBMA.

Once upon a time we could stick our hands in a bucket of paint, slap them on a canvas and call it a Mother’s Day gift.  But time has passed, we’ve all gotten older (not you, Mom – you’ve evolved with grace and beauty), and we know how important it is to find just the right thoughtful, special something for the ladies we love and honor on Mother’s Day.  The good news is that we at SBMA provide the perfect approach to accomplishing this daunting task: come on into The Dot Shop.

Located right here in the Century Center, The Dot Shop is unlike any other retail space in South Bend.  From watercolors to ceramics, from jewelry to garden accessories, our fabulous array of artwork by local artists is sure to include the gift you know is just right for your Mother’s Day honorees.  The fact is that everything you can buy at The Dot Shop is a one-of-a-kind, handmade masterpiece.  And isn’t that what Mom would say about you?


Our Favorite Art Books for Young Artists

Everyone deserves an art book for Christmas!

Even if a Kindle is on your wish list this holiday season, we’d like to put in a plug for good old fashioned books – the kinds that come with covers and pages and pictures and look lovely on shelves.  And while browsing the art section of a bookstore sounds like a perfect way to spend an afternoon in December, we realize that a go-to list might also be handy in expediting your gift-giving mission.  If there are children or teens to shop for this year, we’d like to recommend just a few art books that we think are especially fun.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR LIST.

I Got It at the Dot!

The Dot Shop will be open for business next week!

“I got it at the Dot!”

Trust us, Michiana, when we say you’ll find yourself hearing and repeating this phrase around town in the coming weeks and months – “I got it at the Dot!”

“I’m a Dot Shopper,” you’ll say again and again, as you suddenly find yourself invited to more and more parties and celebrations, being that your reputation for giving fabulous gifts is blossoming around town.

“Just Dot it!” you’ll recommend to your very stylish and interesting friends who are searching for the perfect accent piece for an outfit or a room.

That’s because on August 27, 2011, The Dot Shop, the new retail space the South Bend Museum of Art will be opening, making it possible to purchase the handmade work of dozens of artists in our region and to achieve the all-too-elusive thrill of finding the perfectly unique and lovely gift for your friends and loved ones in one simple outing.

In fact, you’ll spot that ideal treasure so quickly, you’ll even have time left after shopping to browse our galleries and view our collections and exhibits.

So mark your calendars with a big, fat Dot – come August 27, 2011, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the true art of shopping. 

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