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A Nice Escape

Cindy, left, and Cameron, right working steadily on their designs

We first introduced you to the Kanczuzewski family a couple of weeks ago. As you may recall, mom Cindy and two of her children, Maddie and Cameron, are participating in this year’s pop art inspired Festival of Banners. They have been working steadily on their designs, visiting our studio almost weekly to put the finishing touches on their colorful artworks. We recently popped in on them again to see how things are moving along, but also to learn more about what Festival of Banners can teach a first time painter. Join us by reading more about what Cindy, Maddie, and Cameron have learned on their journeys, one brush stroke at a time.


Mom (and kids) go Pop! for F.O.B.

Coming soon…a banner featuring South Bend’s Mayor Pete – pop style!

A little while back we told you that Festival of Banners was coming, and now it’s here!  Submitted designs for this year’s theme – “Pop on Parade” – were judged, and winning designs were chosen.  But it’s right about now that the action is really underway as the selected artists are beginning to work on their original, hand-painted banners in the SBMA studios.  With only two months to go until the banners are on display in downtown South Bend, our Festival of Banners participants are busy bringing their pop art visions to life.

From now until August, we’ll be checking in with not one, but three of our Festival of Banners participants, to see what it’s like to take transform  their 4″ x 6″ submissions into banners.  The  dynamic, creative members of the Kanczuzewski family have agreed to let us look over their shoulders as we bring you an inside experience of this great community-based program.

To LEARN MORE about Cindy, Maddie and Cameron, and their BANNER DESIGNS, CLICK HERE.

We Honor the Masters: Moms

Emil Jacques’ “A Mother’s Care,” a painting in our permanent collection at SBMA.

Once upon a time we could stick our hands in a bucket of paint, slap them on a canvas and call it a Mother’s Day gift.  But time has passed, we’ve all gotten older (not you, Mom – you’ve evolved with grace and beauty), and we know how important it is to find just the right thoughtful, special something for the ladies we love and honor on Mother’s Day.  The good news is that we at SBMA provide the perfect approach to accomplishing this daunting task: come on into The Dot Shop.

Located right here in the Century Center, The Dot Shop is unlike any other retail space in South Bend.  From watercolors to ceramics, from jewelry to garden accessories, our fabulous array of artwork by local artists is sure to include the gift you know is just right for your Mother’s Day honorees.  The fact is that everything you can buy at The Dot Shop is a one-of-a-kind, handmade masterpiece.  And isn’t that what Mom would say about you?


Festival of Banners 2012

Enter the Festival of Banners and share your artwork with the community!

Whenever there’s an email in your inbox from Candie Waterloo, (aka Miss Candie, one of our beloved youth instructors), the mastermind behind so many of our brilliant family, youth and community art projects, you know there’s something fun in the works.  The latest message she sent out was no exception: time for Festival of Banners 2012!

A joint program we present in association with Downtown South Bend Inc. and the City of South Bend, the Festival of Banners project is one of  many programs SBMA shares with the community to celebrate the visual arts in Northern Indiana.  The event embraces art from all ages and backgrounds, giving everyone in the community an opportunity to be a part of the celebration.  And, of course, for those of us who can only dream of seeing our artwork on display in a museum gallery, being able to drive or walk through downtown South Bend and see a banner you designed and painted yourself hanging for all to see is quite a thrill!




SBMA Gets “Ugly”

It’s a tale that we can all somehow relate to, even if we’ve never read the book. Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Ugly Duckling” tells the story of a duckling immediately rejected at birth due to his outwardly “ugly” appearance. Ultimately transforming into a graceful swan, “Ugly” teaches everyone that beauty truly is found within.

It is this message of acceptance that was the theme for a community outreach project in which the South Bend Museum of Art teamed up with the City of South Bend, the South Bend Civic Theatre, and the Weed and Seed Alliance to lead children in the creation of a backdrop to complement South Bend Civic Theatre’s production of “Honk!” (a modern adaptation of Andersen’s “Ugly Duckling” story).

Through teamwork, story telling, and the creation of personal drawings, the children, as young as seven and as old as thirteen, developed interesting works of art based on what they took away from “The Ugly Duckling” story: accept people for who they are.

SEE MORE pictures from this project and LEARN MORE about it here.

Getting “Ugly” part 2

From ugly eggs hatching beautiful flowers to a black and grey plaid duckling to an egg literally hatching “love,” it seems as though every child who participated in the SBMA’s “Weed-N-Seed” project was able to relate to the message of “The Ugly Duckling”. And though their artwork revealed mixed visual images, in the end, their messages were clear: accept people for who they are, which was actually the title of one child’s artwork.

The fruits of their efforts came to life on Friday May 6th as the finished 16’ x 7’ backdrop was revealed at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church for performance night. A colorful and childlike creation, the backdrop exists as a combination of everyone’s artwork. It features an “ugly” duckling swimming under a bright yellow sun with the message “accept people for who they are” floating in the clouds. Each child has a bit of him or herself in this artwork, whether it is in the painting, the drawing, or their actual signature as a stamped handprint. In the end, everyone, including the parents, were all smiles, because let’s face it – it just feels good to be a part of something.

SBMA’s Friday Forecast: Artistic with a Chance for Rain Barrels

April showers have brought us May…barrels!  Rain barrels, that is, made possible through the Indiana University at South Bend’s Center for a Sustainable Future and hand painted by a dozen different local artists and art groups.  These unique works of green art are not only perfectly practical, economical, and good for the environment, they’re just plain fun to look at.  They’re even better to own.

That’s why we welcome all visitors to our First Friday event, tonight – May 6 – our Rain Barrel Auction at 7 p.m.  Guests are invited to bid on these one-of-a-kind containers and to enter a drawing for a free, unpainted rain barrel.  The evening will also feature a brief lesson on how collecting rain water benefits the budget and beautifies the garden.

For more information about the IUSB Center for a Sustainable Future, go to <;

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