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The best advertising ever


When we plan out the editorial calendar for this very blog, we find ourselves brainstorming ways to communicate to you, our readers, and anyone else who may come along, just how much we want to be a place you can appreciate and turn to for all things art-related.  We set up our schedule of postings and get to work fine tuning this message, hoping that it will be well delivered and well received.

Then, a guest contributor agrees to help us out and blows us out of the water.

We find ourselves thrilled and humbled by what our friend and long-time SBMA member, Karen Chambers, had to say when we asked her to share why she has been so committed to the programs and classes we offer.  Without further ado, we invite you to LEARN MORE ABOUT the VALUE of SBMA ART CLASSES by CLICKING HERE.

And, most importantly, thank you, Karen!


Setting Up for Scholastics

When we arrived at work on Monday, this is how we found our Warner Gallery:

Kind of a mess.  But the truth is, it’s the first sign it’s time for one of our favorite exhibits: Scholastics.

The artwork you see strewn about the gallery is actually a collection of hundreds of pieces of art that have been submitted by our region’s 7th-12th graders for this years Scholastics Art Awards competition.  Jurors for the program were here all day last Saturday to judge the work which covers a wide array of media—ceramics and pottery, photography, jewelry, and painting to name a few, and in the coming days the Warner Gallery will be transformed into a breathtaking exhibit of creativity and energy, revealed at our “Meet Me in the Gallery” event on Friday, February 3.

Be sure to come out next Friday for this amazing celebration of youth and art!


Ramp Up Your Teaching With “Full Deck”

"Full Deck" in SBMA's Warner Gallery

“Full Deck: A Short History of Skate Art” is now open at SBMA, and we are certain that children and young adults throughout Michiana will want to see it.  Before all of you classroom teachers cry out in protest, “No!  I don’t have the time to leave my classroom and squander precious time-on-task minutes!” we would like you to know that the possibilities for integrating “Full Deck” into academic goals and standards are endless.  In fact, we are so certain that a field trip to SBMA would be a highlight of the 2011-12 school year for both students and teachers, we are going to be posting a series of activities and lessons that correspond with this exhibit.

This week’s lesson was developed by Melissa Green, a junior high language arts teacher, and offers a way to spin off the skate ramp and into poetry.  For those of you who try this lesson with your students, we would love for you to share with us the poems that your students create.

Click here to download the POETRY in MOTION lesson.

SBMA Gets “Ugly”

It’s a tale that we can all somehow relate to, even if we’ve never read the book. Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Ugly Duckling” tells the story of a duckling immediately rejected at birth due to his outwardly “ugly” appearance. Ultimately transforming into a graceful swan, “Ugly” teaches everyone that beauty truly is found within.

It is this message of acceptance that was the theme for a community outreach project in which the South Bend Museum of Art teamed up with the City of South Bend, the South Bend Civic Theatre, and the Weed and Seed Alliance to lead children in the creation of a backdrop to complement South Bend Civic Theatre’s production of “Honk!” (a modern adaptation of Andersen’s “Ugly Duckling” story).

Through teamwork, story telling, and the creation of personal drawings, the children, as young as seven and as old as thirteen, developed interesting works of art based on what they took away from “The Ugly Duckling” story: accept people for who they are.

SEE MORE pictures from this project and LEARN MORE about it here.

Getting “Ugly” part 2

From ugly eggs hatching beautiful flowers to a black and grey plaid duckling to an egg literally hatching “love,” it seems as though every child who participated in the SBMA’s “Weed-N-Seed” project was able to relate to the message of “The Ugly Duckling”. And though their artwork revealed mixed visual images, in the end, their messages were clear: accept people for who they are, which was actually the title of one child’s artwork.

The fruits of their efforts came to life on Friday May 6th as the finished 16’ x 7’ backdrop was revealed at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church for performance night. A colorful and childlike creation, the backdrop exists as a combination of everyone’s artwork. It features an “ugly” duckling swimming under a bright yellow sun with the message “accept people for who they are” floating in the clouds. Each child has a bit of him or herself in this artwork, whether it is in the painting, the drawing, or their actual signature as a stamped handprint. In the end, everyone, including the parents, were all smiles, because let’s face it – it just feels good to be a part of something.

Fiona Found Her Passion – Find Yours Too!

Eight-year-old Fiona Hutchens found her passion at the South Bend Museum of Art.

“Mommy, I just love this!” Fiona’s mother, Erica Fischbach, recalls her saying after coming home from her first pottery class at SBMA.   “I want to do this all year next year!”

That’s why Erica was so happy to see the catalog of South Bend Museum of Art Summer Class offerings arrive in her mailbox, and to show Fiona that it is once again time to register for summer camps and classes.  “She couldn’t wait until summer,” Erica remembers.  It was her opportunity to feed her craving for the hands-on art making she has come to love.

Upon surveying this year’s options, Fiona decided to not only continue with pottery in “Youth Clay – Wheel and Handbuilding” with veteran SBMA instructor, Kari Black, but to try the “International Puppets and Fairy Tales” class too.  In this new class offering, students will learn about and create art and puppets from various cultures and fairy tales around the globe.

There’s still time to register for these and other youth summer classes at SBMA.  To learn more about our summer offerings, click here: SBMA Summer Youth

Check out Amy Keenan Amago’s New Art Lesson!

Be sure to check out Amy’s new lesson for art teachers titled Ex-Techy, Insecty, ReCreatures. It’s a great way to integrate science and art and it makes wonderful use of old machine parts, deconstructed electronics, and other found objects.

Check it out here!

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