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Why You Should Meet Us on the Island

  1. Have you seen Island Park lately? South Bend’s premier riverfront venue has undergone a beautiful and modern makeover. Put on your party clothes, bring a camera, and come check it out!
  1. Do you like to shop? If the answer is yes, then Meet Me on the Island is where it’s at! Peruse uniquely wonderful artwork from local artists of all varieties. Ceramics, jewelry, fiber arts, and more await you.
  1. Looking for a spot to shimmy and shake? Enjoy live entertainment as you shake your tail feather to the rhythm-and-blues stylings of Darryl Buchanan and the Reflections.
  1. Mix it up a bit! Whether you come alone or in a crowd, Meet Me on the Island is a great place to mix and meet friends, both old and new.
  1. Wanting to come out, but worried about grabbing dinner first? No fears as we’ve got you covered! Feast on refreshments of a grilled variety and enjoy an adult beverage or two!
  1. Trying to beat the heat? Join us in the river breeze and relish in a cool view.
  1. Considering becoming a member of the South Bend Museum of Art? If you had joined, you’d already have your tickets to Meet Me on the Island – just one of the many perks of museum membership! The good news is that you can become a museum member anytime, even at the island! Be sure to visit our membership table!
  1. Have we mentioned that it’s going to be fun? Food, drinks, music, and ART all in one convenient location – what more could you ask for?
  1. It’s the perfect excuse to leave work a bit early on Friday. Kick back, unwind, and kick off your summer weekend!
  1. And last but not least, it’s the one and only “Meet Me” event this summer. There won’t be any other event like it –at least not until next summer. So come on out and meet us on the island, Friday June 29th from 5:30 to 9:00 PM!

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